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We are a virtual staffing agency that connects Colombian talent with clients in the US while building your career path!

Virtual Assistants Colombia
Equipo de Virtual Emily Colombia

About Virtual Emily

Virtual Emily bridges Remote Executive Teams and clients through technology, customer experience, and a unique culture, transforming and enriching our community's lives.


Explore our culture

Our company thrives on a virtual work model while prioritizing the value of in-person gatherings. This combination enables us to create a vibrant and engaging company culture that fosters inclusivity and collaboration.

Equipo de Virtual Emily Colombia

Virtual Emily offers career opportunities at every level, across a broad array of disciplines.


How to Apply

Apply in Virtual Emily work from home

Step 1

Let us know you

Your application is short and you don't need to create a profile, just send us your CV and your video presentation through MyInterview.

Here our HR Partner Steph will show you some tips to keep in mind when presenting yourself in the video presentation.



Flexible Schedule

Enjoy flexibility, balance, and borderless collaboration.
✓ Monday to Friday schedule.
✓ Birth-Day OFF.
✓ Two family days per year.
✓ Work from home or from our satellite offices.

calendar Virtual Emily

A culture of recognition

Be part of an employee-owned company with generous compensation and opportunity for bonuses monthly.
Top performance bonus.
✓ Referral bonus.

✓ Virtue bonus.


Achievements Virtual Emily

We grow together

Pursue your passions and career goals through professional development.
✓ Emily Academy: Access to Ubits learning Hub and internal learning platform.
✓ Emily Awards: We acknowledge your work. With your score, you can participate in our bonuses and rewards store.

Virtual Emily growing culture
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